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 Our products insist to use the high quality material, thanks for your purchasing, please follow below tips to maintain your chair:

1.     The use of environment: This product is used in indoor environment, not suitable for outdoor environment. In order to extend the service life of the chair, please avoid using in high temperature or humidity and dirt environment. Keep a relatively moderate temperature and humidity environment.

2.     PU armrest cleaning: please avoid using of water or a wet cloth or stained with too much water. Daily cleaning: clean by dry cloth, which can smooth operation and prevent rust and oxide.

3.     For PU castor, Please avoid using in wet, dirty ground, or it will cause of flaking and reduce service life.

4.     There is oil lubrication in the mechanism; it will reduce lubricating effect because of time and frequency of use. And for the aluminum alloy material, please select the special cleaning agents to extend the service life and avoid losing luster.

5.     Mesh maintenance: Avoid touching with Sharp weapon, such as a knife or a key, and keep away from fire.

6.     Fabric cleaning: avoid using accessory tools, such as:  rotary brush, which will damage the fabric, avoid using water or liquid materials solutions, it is likely to damage the fabric. The correct cleaning spots or stains are: dry cleaning or the use of solvents.

7.     Leather material maintenance: removing dust and cleaning, please use dry, soft rag. For thick dirt or dust , soap solution can be applied to the surface, but it is important to dry the surface Immediately, to prevent discoloration and wind stiffness. keeping clean and the leather surface evenly, keep air dry, prevent the leather cracking.

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